When Leagues Collide

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In a world where the bigwigs of the football leagues of the world collided against each other causing an explosion the reverberated around the world and for the first time ever in human history football was no more until after the dust settled as well as all of those angry fans an new league gave rise after the aftermath and that league was crowned “YouTube: touch-down videos” and the people were happy once again . . . I could live with that . . .

Welcome back readers to another installment of Sports Tales and in the wake of the destruction of the leagues, lets us pay our respect to the past with a moment of silence - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - And now courtesy of our friend and savior of football You Tube’s NFL Touchdown!!! Let’s see what the Carolina panthers are up to these days . . . wining touch down that’s what when Steve Smith hustles all the way down to the end zone with no flags up and that’s good, no great. Okay YouTube you got my attention now, what else are you gonna throw at me? With eight seconds left those Vikings rapidly seeks for Mike Wallace and discharges the ball screaming all the way down to Wallace’s arms in the end zone, can someone please scream touch down and oh boy I asked for it and YouTube delivered a whopper of a throw.

This is pretty good entertainment stuff and can see without a doubt why football is so popular. I think I love these touchdown highlights it’s something that I have grown to appreciate . . . yeah that’s it. All right football. . . amaze me and amazed I was when I experienced for my first time “Fumble Magic” and the Vikings strike back at the Buccaneers after the fumble was recovered and the Vikings reach for the touchdown. Well rest assure that my football cravings have been satisfied and look forward for an encore. Speaking of encore please see “Today's Special” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU8KU59rs9o And the world of football was never the same again.

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